Patrimonia is an indipendent real estate platform focused on Italian, German and Swiss market providing as core activities sourcing, structuring and comprehensive acquisition support for complex real estate transactions as well as advanced modeling and scenario planning for real estate investment opportunities. We focus on value added assets looking for strategic, innovative and custom made solutions. Our strength relies on the opportunity to provide investors with a complete understanding of the real estate asset, aligning our position with them. Thanks to our inter-group companies, we can offer a wide range of services, from the architectural concept, to a technical and legal due diligence and financial models according to a feasibility study. We can count on tangible asset like the privilege of accessing to major players in the Real Estate industry in Italy and across Europe, levering our diversified, experienced, qualified and internationally trained team as well as intangible assets like transparency, independence and confidentiality. We adopt a ‘shadow ownership philosophy’ in all the operations and we act as a custodian rather than speculator in all of investment undertakings.



As a consequence of the financial crisis and poor economic growth in Italy, significant new capital is required to recapitalise the sector. It is apparent that the investment market in Italy is witnessing a number of new and returning investors. In parallel, Germany is an opportunistic market for investors and we are covering the region through our local Partner Bato Group. Our platform, with a highly experienced advisory board of lawyers, technical experts and skilled managers, has been formed to provide strategic and long term solutions to the market. Given ours track record as both principals in cross border investment in real estate and its focus on providing strategic advice and execution to real estate owners, our platform can bring better solutions than the typical surveying or accounting firm.

A wide range of current owners and operators of real estate are seeking fresh or additional capital to recapitalise existing deals and platforms or to grow their businesses. The global financial crisis has left many legacy issues which still remain to be resolved, such as: reduced levels of third party debt, open and closed ended funds seeking to liquidate. The likely trend of an increasing ‘privatisation’ of the public real estate assets over time is expected to create significant investment opportunities. There will be an opportunity for owners/operators/managers of real estate to access new sources of capital to help them grow and develop their real estate businesses and portfolios.


We bring together professionals from diverse disciplines and with a complementary skills, on a uniquely global scale. Architects, engineers work with financial analysts in a merged team. With an experienced group across Italy, Switzerland and German markets, we have the resources, alignment and commitment to make a difference.

We provide strategic real estate advice and solutions to owners, operators, investors and developers.

By combining our deep understanding of all aspects of RE including technical, legal, asset management and the capital markets, we are able to help clients optimise their RE investments and portfolios.

This is based on a thorough knowledge of the asset class which enables the development of appropriate and bespoke RE strategies and solutions.

The members of our team are highly experienced, respected and trusted RE professionals with long and successful track records working across the RE spectrum and through several market cycles.

The high-level relationships with the leading global RE investors and institutions allow us to access a wide range of capital sources.


We bring together professionals from diverse disciplines and with a complementary skills, on a uniquely global scale. We are focus on complex and distressed real estate operations. Sourcing, structuring and comprehensive acquisition support for complex RE transaction. We also have the opportunity to co-invest with our partners.


Advanced financial modelling and scenario planning for RE investment opportunities.

Providing strategic RE solution for distressed assets

Strategic disposal support

Technical, valuation and capital market analyses of a variety of complex RE situations

Architectural concept, preliminary layout, technical and legal due diligence to support business plans.

Town planning. technical, valuation and capital market analysis of a variety of complex RE situations


Delivering a complete package with a unique counterpart, providing innovative and custom made solutions Sourcing off-market opportunities. Transparency, Independence and Confidentiality. Access to major players in the Real Estate industry in Italy and across Europe Experienced, qualified and internationally trained team. Wide contacts with the best legal, banking, agents and asset manager professionals.


Patrimonia is a wholly independent organisation owned in trust for the benefit of its partners and their advisors. With no shareholders or external investors the firm is able to independently   determine its own priorities and direction as a business. The team adopts a ‘shadow ownership philosophy’ in all its operations and acts as a custodian rather than speculator in all of its investment undertakings Acting as pure single enterpreneurs we have the privilege not to cope with balance sheet at the end  of the year, avoinding opportunistic closing, quick procedures or deals profit driven.




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